Tips When Buying The Best Air Compressor Machine

By | 04/14/2018

It is usually very confusing to shop for an air compressor due to the many specifications nailed on their tags. Some have difficult ones that you do not understand. This should not worry you a lot. There are the key points that you should consider as highlighted in this article. Air compressor experts advises buyers to ask the vendors as many questions as possible using the layman’s language and not technical ones.

Tips when buying air compressors

Research for the best

In the process of online research, one gets to learn many things about a air compressor machineproduct from different authors. Some related reputable companies do have educative blogs that write different topics about the products they sell. It is during such research that one will get to know the type or an air compressor that will suits their needs well.

Check the CFM

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is usually what any person experienced in air compressors will check first. It shows the amount of air it can supply per minute. Air compressors with a higher CFM supply air at a higher speed than the lower ones. The air compressor must serve more air than the tool demands. Otherwise, you will have to stop in bits during the working process.

The type of tool

Different tools have different air demands. Some are more air ”hungry” than others. Having this in mind will let you know the kind of air compressor to buy. The tool determines the CFM level of the air compressor. Tools like nailers need higher CFM than other smaller tools. If possible buy one that has a faster air supply even for the smaller tools.

Oil based or oil-less matters

The majority of the air compressors that are in the market today are not using oil. This means that you can forget about oil checks. However, the oil-less air compressors wear out quickly while their oil based brothers are more durable.

The price

costThe price of any air compressor should be fair and provide value for money. Some vendors sell the similar devices at different prices. If this is the case, then pick the lower one. Buying from a reputable distributor will allow you to have other benefits as a professional testing and advice.


Some air compressors are a couple of times louder than others. Depending on where they will be used, then this is also a factor to consider. Ask the vendor as many questions as possible and don not forget to carry your warrant home.