Ideas for the best mid-day snacks

By | 02/10/2018

Snacks are meant for replenishing all the energy lost during a particular exercise. They are supposed to be eaten a few hours before the main meal and should be much lighter. Whether in the office, at home or school, snacks are healthy, and we can’t afford to ignore them at all. Another thing to note and to be practiced is that the snacks should be healthy. A fruit or fresh juice can play the major role of supplying all the energy required in the body after undertaking a particularly difficult task. Aside from these, there are a few other fresh homemade ideas that will just make your stomach go round.

Best mid-day snacks

Snacks are supposed to be a light meal that will not take too long to prepare. Here are a few ideas in case your whole family is home and you need to surprise them with all the delicious treats;

Beef jerkyfood

A jerky is a piece of lean meat that has been stripped of all type of fat and then dried especially in salt to prevent it from losing its freshness. A beef jerky is convenient in the sense that it can be packed and cause no messes with spillages being rampant during snacking or even packing it.

Banana on peanut butter

If you are tired of having your bananas, in the same way, every day and are open to new ideas, try this one out. Just take a slice of brown bread, spread some butter on it, cut your bananas into rings and then place them on your bread. The taste will simply send you afloat.

Vegetable sandwich

The sound of it just makes your mouth water and send you into the world of fantasies. Making it is as easy as pie, you only have to use the vegetables that you fancy.

A fruit smoothie works any day, anytime

You have to re-hydrate your body at some point in the day, just pick a juicy fruit of your choice and blend it to create the perfect smoothie.

Good old popcorn

popcornWho said you could only have some popcorn during a movie or your favorite TV show? Popcorns are a low-calorie snack that is readily available and very easy to make.

What to consider when preparing a mid-day snack

Snacks have a way of bringing people together in every way as the taste buds do what they do best. At any gathering, there has to be something to keep the mouth occupied such as a drink or light meal. Let’s see what you must put into consideration before making something light to eat;

  •  Your guests. If it’s your friends you are having over for a snack, you are aware of what they prefer to have; the same case applies to your family or even your colleagues.
  • Availability. Don’t stress if you there was something you would have loved to prepare and is not available. Make do with what you have, and everything will fall into place.
  • Nutritive value. You will not settle for just about anything especially when it comes to the well-being of your family. For your kids to focus keenly on their studies, it all boils down to the kind of meals you give to them. Give them healthy meals and snacks, and they will grow strong in body and mind.