How to Handle Telemarketers

Anyone who has owned a phone line, or been around a friend of family member with an active phone line knows how annoying pesky telemarketers can be. Telemarketers often call at the worse times, such as while eating dinner, or in the middle of an important meeting. This specific article will teach individuals what to say and do to get rid of these pesky telemarketers.

The first of the few steps is to request that you register on the national Telemarketersdo not call list. This then makes it illegal for telemarketers to call constantly an individual once they’ve been added to this list. It should be noted that it does not protect individuals from calls coming from non-profit organizations. To deal with non-profit organizations, individuals will need to request to speak to a manager and request to be put specifically on the organizations do not call list.

The second step of this is to pick up the phone. No matter how dreadful it might seem to have a telemarketer blab into your ear about their pitch, it’s still better than being added back to their list if you don’t answer. Many telemarketers won’t stop calling until they have a conversation with an individual. Once individuals are on the phone with the telemarketer, individuals would then have control to make the cold calling stop.

Telemarketers 03The third step is a very simple one as well. After receiving a call from a telemarketer and listening to their pitch about some amazing product. Individuals could either choose to be polite and explain that they aren’t interested in the product that the telemarketer is selling, or individuals could just choose to hang up immediately. A note to this is that if individuals hang up after listening to the pitch. The telemarketer might call back saying that they were disconnected, they would then continue their pitch about an amazing product. It’s recommended to be as polite as possible while dealing with telemarketers as these people are still able to add individuals back into the call pool to torture them for being rude.

In conclusion if these three simple steps are followed, the number of telemarketers who call will decrease significantly, or maybe even stop altogether. A final quick tip when dealing with telemarketers is always to be firm with whatever request one makes. The telemarketers will then be more inclined to fulfill that request. All the steps listed above are essentially just some of the many ways on how to handle telemarketers, who are also known as cold callers.