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How To Kill Your Criminal Defense Case And Go To Jail

This is the right step to avoid landing yourself in jail. With a good lawyer, you may get yourself less jail term or negotiate other better terms. Unfortunately, the majority of convicts made some mistakes that killed their cases and found themselves languishing in jail. You should avoid such mistakes:

Lie to the attorney
“Honesty is the best policy.” There is a lot of truth to that adage. The role of an attorney is to present your case to the jury. The lawyer relies on a lot of the story you tell him or her. He or she gets a lot of information from the information you and your witnesses provide. criminal lawyer 65He or she does cross-examination of your witness and those against you. Only a simple mistake will give the prosecutor a basis to turn the jury against you. Therefore, you need to be honest with your criminal attorney.

Not doing what you are told
Your attorney you will advise you on some things to do, which will help you build your defense. It may be something like providing names and contacts of your witness or doing assignments that are requested by the court. If the court or your attorney provides you with tasks, ensure you accomplish them on time. Failing to do such tasks can result in withdrawing of plea bargains.

Get Arrested
New arrests can kill your case. You should note that judges do not criminal lawyer 66like adding more cases if your first case is still on trial. In fact, your new arrest will negatively affect your older prosecution. The idea of being bailed means that you remain under arrest and conviction free. You should note that legal problems can mean lot to the attorney fees that would mean a lot of work to carry out.

Miss Court
You should never miss court. In fact, failure to appear in the court can result in judges passing arrest warrant or even revocation of the bond. You can also be jailed for court contempt. Ensure that you show up. Always confirm with your criminal lawyer on the right dates. In case you have an emergency, you should let your attorney know immediately. With adequate them, you can reschedule the court date and get permission to plead your appearance. Failing to appear can make your situations much worse. As you know, two wrong do not make a right.…