Important Facts about Water Damage

By | 03/24/2017

Different reasons cause water damage to our premises. Some of these reasons include the sewerage blocks, the bursting pipes, floods, and the toilets overflows just but to mention a few. Once your home has been flooded by water, certain steps are recommended to ensure that the damage is brought under control. Once your premise has been filled with water, it is important to switch off power from the main switch and remove the items that are likely to be destroyed. The water damage restoration is necessitated by the damage that is caused by water and the floods. The following article talks about the important facts about the water damage.


What to do

There are certain things that you should do the moment your home or premise has been filled with water. Firstly, viewhave an expert plumber who will help you eliminate the source of the water. An expert should be immediately called since the damage caused by the bacteria usually begins within a few hours. You should also remove as much water as possible by blotting or mopping.

Water conducts electricity; therefore, ensure that you turn off the power from the mains. Unplug any electronic device that is likely to come in contact with water and place them on the dry surface. The small furniture should also be removed so that they don’t start rusting or rotting. The potted plants, fabrics, paper goods, shoes, and books should also be removed. Last but not least ensure that you call the water damage restoration experts to handle the rest.

Insurance cover

There are different types of insurance policies for the water and flood damage. The insurance policies are meant to compensate victims whose property gets destroyed as a result of the water damage. The homeowner’s insurance is the most popular type of insurance that many homeowners buy. However, this kind of insurance does not cover all the types of water damage as the flood damage.

If your premise is within a region that is likely to experience the flood damage, you are usually covered by the National Flood Insurance policy. When reporting the claim, you have to specify to the insurance firm whether the damage has been caused by floods or water.

Not all water is covered

aridYou should also note that not all the types of water are subject to the insurance company. Most of the water damage insurance policies only cover the damage that is caused suddenly. For example, when there is a storm, and your property gets destroyed the insurance company will most likely compensate you. However, the damage that takes place because you did not maintain your property well will not be paid.