4 Features To Look For In Quilting Machines

By | 10/18/2016

When it comes to buying a quality sewing machine, the plethora of options available in the market overwhelms consumers. In the following write up, we shed light on the four features to look for in quilting machines.

Needle Downsewing machine

A quilting machine with the “needle down” feature allows you to place the needle upwards or downwards once the machine stops. This lets you lift the presser foot while turning the corner on a piece of fabric, without creating an unnecessary jump in the stitch. A quilting machine with the needle down option allows you to choose your needle position and alter it whenever needed, which can be of great help while sewing many types of fabrics.

Automatic Needle Threader

An automatic needle threader has a spring-and-hook operation that forces a loop of thread into the needle’s hole. Buying a quilting machine with an automatic needle threader prevents strain on your eyes and helps you overcome the need to have a steady hand. It also makes the sewing process faster and more efficient than what you can achieve using a mechanical needle threader.

Compatibility with Add-ons

Even if you are new to sewing, we highly recommended buying a quilting machine with some add-on functions. As your skills develop, this versatility lets you add additional sewing accessories, for quality sewing. Most quilting machines come with four built-in stitches, the Brother xm2701 sewing machine will have ample add-on features to include additional stitches and multiple needle positions. This sewing machine lasts considerably, so make a wise decision and purchase something that can be modified in future according to your requirements.

Adjustable pressure foot and free armsewing machine

The Adjustable Presser Foot determines how tightly your machine holds the fabric. It comes with various settings that prevent the stretching and puckering of the cloth and is particularly helpful in attaching cords, zippers, or quilting together many layers of fabric.

The free arm is another essential feature to look for when shopping for a good quilting machine. It usually lies at the machine’s bottom protruding from the main body, past the needle and feed dogs. It helps you stitch tiny circular areas found on cuffs, pants, and armholes. Besides the features highlighted above, you must always choose a machine that is lightweight and transportable. For those who often move from place to place, the quilting machine should be as light as possible.