5 Simple Tips to Look Stylish in a Gown

             A ball gown is a long flowing dress that is commonly worn by women for formal events such as balls, ceremonies, weddings, etc. This formal attire has achieved worldwide acknowledgment as they are ubiquitous since the 5th century. Wearing a ball gown to a ball is indeed a tradition that is still being continued until this day and is considered an indication of sophistication and luxury among society.

However, not all can appreciate their beauty and may even consider them “old-fashioned” or “out-dated.” Most women in the modern age prefer to wear semi-casual attire such as a blouse or dress. Therefore, not many retail stores like https://www.prestije.de/damen/vokuhilakleider these days are selling ball gowns due to the rather small market niche and interest. Presently, only certain professions or occasions adorn them, e.g., a celebrity attending a fashion show, which is why they are sure to catch attention and turn heads around.

We present to you this list on how to look stylish in a gown:

  1. Mix it and Match it

Designers around the world are following the mix and match trend that was popularized by women from every social class. This style allows you to wear what you are required traditionally but are able to combine it with additions that define your style, e.g., wearing a bustier combined with an evening gown.

  1. Go Monochrome

If you are unsure of what to wear, a little black dress or a simple white gown is always a safe route. Monochrome tone colored gowns are perfect for every occasion and will never make you feel out of place or don’t belong without failing to make you look absolutely gorgeous.

  1. Go Pastel
  2. Pastel Ball Gown

Another way to look appealing in a gown is to choose a pastel hue. The soft color is easy on the eyes and very attractive. Pink and lavender gowns are absolutely stunning, big-name celebrities such as Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke and Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson are the perfect examples of the pastel tone gown doing the job and absolutely slaying.

  1. Go Satin

A satin gown carries an expensive feel to it that spoke luxury when you enter a room. You can never go wrong with satin as they are very flattering while also making you look slim and lean.

  1. Classic Can Never Go Wrong

If you are feeling a bit vintage, then we suggest the classic and traditional look that is the very essence of ball gowns themselves. The Grace Kelly look has that iconic-old Hollywood aesthetic that will surely turn you into a walking-living fashion inspiration. Classic is the way to go!

The trick is to be confident and not to be afraid to try out new things. Always be yourself. A ball gown can only do so much; what truly defines you is your own personal beauty. So, go out there and rock that gown!…